Colin Jost On His Favorite SNL Jokes and Playing Football With Aaron Rodgers


Over the years, Saturday Night Live has earned a reputation for its cast and staff putting in long hours and grueling weeks to get a show on the air. From marathon sessions writing jokes, to starting from scratch on skits that aren’t working, it’s basically a six-day-a-week job during the season. As head writer and co-anchor of “Weekend Update” on SNL, Colin Jost knows this all too well.

Jost has been working on the show for over a decade, having started back in 2005 as a writer before rising up to be one of the co-head writers. Over that time, Jost has figured out how to balance all his responsibilities to get things done. For all the craziness that can go on when you’re writing comedy for hours on end, Jost’s tips are pretty simple.

“It’s a little exercise and sleep,” Jost told Men’s Journal. “It’s crazy, because you do the show every week and then you kind of forget what you did last week, because you’re working on the current week, and on it goes. If I can do some kind of exercise three or four days a week, it helps keep me sane. And I know sleep is obvious, but it can really help things to wake up fresh and work more efficiently the next day, rather than stay up all night and work like I did back when I was like 22.”

Jost got to put some of those tips to work this summer while starring with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers on a new campaign for Izod. Jost gets pretty physical in the video, which he co-wrote and makes fun of some of the more traditional menswear ads and clichés of the past.

I became an expert with nunchucks, and now I have a pair in my office so I can try and intimidate young writers.

In the campaign, Jost and Rodgers teamed up to make some meta jokes about those traditional ads, and show off some of Jost’s other “skills” in the process—like playing ping-pong with nunchucks: