This Subscription Box Is the Best Way to Ace Your Sock Game


Somewhere in your office, your posse, maybe even your family, you know the guy. The guy who wakes up every morning to a dresser drawer laid out like the sartorial equivalent of a ’50s suburb: Rows and rows of the exact same pair of socks. Don’t be that guy. Not when bringing a little adventure to your stride is as easy as a subscription to NextSock, which sends cozy, VIP-quality socks to your door in a variety of random patterns and styles. That’s two pairs a month in plaids, polka-dots, argyles or Christmas-sweater quirky—anything but tidy-whites or business blacks.

Citizen Goods

Take a cue from colorful sock rockers like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jon Hamm or Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Or ask any stylist: Whether it’s between jeans and sneakers or khakis and wingtips, that inch or two of fabric is your license to get a little crazy in a sly, subtle way. You’d be crazy not to.

Citizen Goods

Especially now, when a three-month subscription to NextSock is 60% off the regular price of $60. In other words, $24, shipping included—just $4 a pair, $2 a sock or (potentially) eight cents per argyle diamond. However you cut it, it’s a cheap way to turn that sock drawer into a treasure chest.

Deal: Snag a three-month subscription to NextSock for just $24 (60 percent off). Click here for details.

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