Aaron Rodgers on Swimming With Sharks and Traveling to Africa


Aaron Rodgers had quite the adventurous offseason. The Green Bay Packers quarterback and two-time NFL MVP didn’t just spend time working out and training for football, he also took some time to swim with live sharks, travel to Africa and India, and also to meet the Dalai Lama.

Safe to say, that’s not the typical offseason from a pro quarterback.

“Traveling to me is one of the most important things you can do in this life,” Rodgers says. “You learn about other cultures and you also learn and realize the world is bigger than your little sphere of influence. I am very fortunate to do what I do and have made the relationships that I’ve made over the years, and being able to travel has been a big part of that.”



Swimming with sharks was something that Rodgers wanted to do for a long time, but not because he was excited for it—it was because it scared him. Shark Week gave him the chance to overcome that fear. Rodgers helped a crew during shooting to add a tracker to a shark so that researchers could track its migration patterns.

Here’s a look at Rodgers in the water:

Between training, swimming with sharks, and traveling the world, Rodgers didn’t have much time for anything else this offseason, but he did squeeze in a fun collaboration with Colin Jost for Izod. Rodgers teamed up with the Saturday Night Live star and comedian to poke some fun at traditional menswear ads and the usual tropes of those commercials of the past.

Rodgers got to show off some of his comedic timing in the Izod video: