Jeff Bridges Talks The Dude’s Impact, Climate Change, and ‘Bad Times at the El Royale’


Jeff Bridges just hung up on me.

We’re in the middle of a conversation about his past and future projects, including his iconic role in The Big Lebowski—released 20 years ago this year (“It had such ramifications.”)—when we accidentally get disconnected. But the Oscar winner calls me right back—there’s plenty more to talk about.

It’s nearing the end of summer, and Bridges has a packed few months ahead of him, with roles in Bad Times at the El Royale, the documentary Living in the Future’s Past, and teaming up with the brand Sleep Club for projects focused on—you guessed it—sleep. (The trippy artwork and dreamlike promotional videos almost look like they could’ve been part of a deleted Lebowski scene.)

“That’s a place where I get to turn people on to folks who wake me up, you know?” says Bridges, who’s part of the site’s “Awake” channel. Along with blog posts and others’ photography, Bridges’ album Sleeping Tapes is also fittingly featured by the Club. (He’s a spokesperson for No Kid Hungry, and sales made from the album go back to the campaign.) “Sleep Club has been kind of a canvas for me; a place for me to create and express myself, make a difference. And bring dreams into reality, jam with a lot of folks that I love to jam with.”

We caught up with Bridges to talk more about his music, what The Dude means to him these days, and more.



It sounds like you’re getting to jam a lot with friends and still working on music. But what’s your daily routine like right now and where are you calling from today?
I’m calling from my office, which is a new place for me. My house that we just moved to a couple of years ago—we fixed it up and we were really excited about it. It was going to be the house that we were gonna live in for the rest of our lives. You know about California and the crispiness these days. Fires, you know. The fire wiped out a lot of our neighborhood and then here comes the debris flow after the fire and wipes out our new house. We got rescued by a helicopter and all that. A lot of our stuff was swept away. So then we resettled in a really nice spot overlooking the ocean here in Santa Barbara and so that’s where I am right now.