25 Great TV Shows and Movies to Watch Over Thanksgiving Weekend


It’s that time of year again: Thanksgiving. Time for family, food—lots of food—some good beer, maybe some whiskey, some football, and of course, plenty of time to sit back and catch up on all the TV shows and movies that have been burning away on your watch list.

With some time off from work, school, and everything else you have to deal with, there’s no better time than now to plop on the couch with Thanksgiving leftovers and watch something new.



Here’s a look at some of the TV marathons, streaming options, movies, and other stuff you should watch this holiday weekend.

Jack Ryan – Amazon Prime

Jack Ryan / Amazon

John Krasinski stars as Tom Clancy’s iconic CIA analyst in this TV series, which follows Ryan as he tries to track down a group of terrorists. Krasinski’s trainer shared his workout program the actor used to get buff for the series, which also stars Wendell Pierce and Abbie Cornish.