Here Are All the Fee-Free Days for Every U.S. National Park in 2019


The United States has some of the most incredible National Parks in the world. From parks like Yosemite, to Joshua Tree, to Glacier National Park, there are numerous adventures to be had across the country. In 2019, you’ll have the chance to check out some of these places without an entrance fee.

The National Park Service announced that all parks will have five entrance fee-free days next year.



Here are the days you can check out any National Park that has an entrance fee for free:

  • Monday, January 21 – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • Saturday, April 20 – First Day of National Park Week/National Junior Ranger Day
  • Sunday, August 25 – National Park Service Anniversary
  • Saturday, September 28 – National Public Lands Day
  • Monday, November 11 – Veterans Day
Gregory Rec/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images

So if you’re planning on hiking in Yosemite, camping out in Joshua Tree, seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time, cycling in Canyonlands, or seeing the Northern Lights in Denali, there’s something for everyone to enjoy—and you can do it without a fee on some days in 2019.

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