Frank and Oak’s New Deal Is the Best Way to Upgrade Your Winter Style—Without Leaving the House


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Guys tends to run through our wardrobe essentials pretty quickly. T-shirts get dingy, socks get holes—it can be hard to keep up. This is where box set delivery service can come in handy; not only can you upgrade your style, follow the trends, and splurge on lust-worthy things to hang in your closet, box sets make it really easy to replenish the stuff you stuff into our drawers.

We’ve tried more than a few of these boxed services the last few years and one we really appreciate is the Style Plan from Frank And Oak. Instead of the hassle of waiting for the items to arrive, then repackaging and sending back the ones you choose not to keep, Frank and Oak gives you veto power up front. Before the box is ever sent, you get an email that tells you precisely what’s coming. You get up to three items per month, so you either accept the stylist’s selections or swap out those choices for something you really want or need. It’s really handy and super simple—especially when it comes to replacing t-shirts, socks, and such.

Frank And Oak

Here’s the best part: Right now Frank And Oak is offering Men’s Journal readers $30 off your first box and $0 Styling Fee. Just follow this exclusive link to the website, select your personal preferences, save thirty bucks, then wait for the goods to be delivered. If you like what’s chosen for you, great. If you don’t, either veto it via the email or send it back after it arrives, postage paid. And the zero Styling Fee means it’s basically a free trial; normally it’s $25 if you decide to veto/return an entire month’s box—but not for you.

Try it, and if you like it you save $30. If you don’t like it? Hey, you’re the one with the coffee stain on your shirt.

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