James McAvoy, the 2019 Travel Awards, and More: Inside Our February Issue


What’s the best place to live like Indiana Jones? How about the best modernist hotel on a beach, or the best undiscovered island chain? You’ll find them in our new February issue, on stands this week.

For the first Men’s Journal Travel Awards, we picked the 35 Best Trips in the World, along with must-download apps, expert hacks, and travel tips, including where to go if you want an epic view of the stars (it’s in Chile!).

This month’s cover star, James McAvoy, is already having a big 2019, starring in M. Night Shyamalan’s latest thriller, Glass. In our story, “The Hero With a Thousand Faces,” writer Ed Caesar caught up with McAvoy to talk about what it took to transform into his character, Kevin Wendell Crumb. “I happen to like a bit of old-fashioned super-hero codswallop,” McAvoy told us.



“I was astonished when he started playing the part of what he was capable of,” Shyamalan told Men’s Journal. “The physicality, the drama, the emotion, the humor, the pathos.”