This Genius $59 Desk Swing Burns More Calories than a Standing Desk


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Stuck at your desk all day? Then you know hard it is to fight flab and stay in shape. Get moving even while sitting with the HOVR, an ingenious desk swing that mounts under your desk and lets you keep moving while working. Right now it’s 40 percent off!

Even if you’re a casual gym-goer, working out three times a week isn’t enough to offset the adverse effects of sitting eight hours a day. Ergonomists suggest an hourly ten-minute walk, that’s not often very realistic in an office environment. Stand-up desks are great, but they’re not for everyone. And besides, standing eight hours a day isn’t exactly something we all can handle. Plus, it puts a strain on your feet, spine and joints, and it’s not good for your feet besides.

How Does HOVR Work?

HOVR is a patented leg swing that attaches underneath your desk, or to a mobile stand that slides under it. Place your feet on the swinging discs, and the HOVR provides a unique, easy to use way to move and exercise while sitting, with no distraction. Studies by the University of Illinois and the NEAT(Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) certification from the Mayo Clinic have validated the HOVR’s benefits.


Think of it as a heart-healthy non-workout that burns big calories. HOVR increases calorie expenditure by 20 percent over sitting—even more than standing. Beyond the physical exercise benefits, the increase in blood circulation creates higher levels of oxygen and glucose delivery to the brain, improving cognitive productivity and focus. That translates to more productivity, at work and study.


The HOVR comes in two styles. The Desk-Mount HOVR screws into the bottom of any school or work desk in minutes with just four easy screws. Order right now and get it for just $59 (regularly $99). You can also pick it up at Amazon.

What If I Can’t Screw Into My Desk?

If you can’t attach a fixture to your desk in the office or have a glass desk, try HOVR with Floor Stand. Designed to fit under most standard desks with minimal obstruction, it’s sleek, durable, and light. It’s ideal if your office doesn’t allow you to screw into the underside of your desk or won’t provide a stand-up desk converter. The tubular metal stand goes together simply. It’s 18.5 inches tall, 22 inches wide, and 20 inches deep. Right now the BHOVR with Floor Stand for just $119. It normally costs $199, so that’s 80 bucks off.


Both HOVR units come with both blue and black straps and a 30-day money back guarantee, along with free shipping to the continental US.

Even if you’re not stuck at a desk all day, the HOVR desk swing is great for gamers, ideal for seniors, perfect for students—anyone who sits for an extended period of time can benefit from the constant movement, improved circulation, and optimized calorie burn.



If you’re feeling flabby at your desk, you need to get up and move. With HOVR, you can sit down and move. Your boss will love your productivity, and your partner will love the lack of flab.

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