Former All-Star Chris Bosh on His NBA Career, Fatherhood, and Playing With LeBron


After playing over a decade in the league and amassing 11 All-Star appearances, two NBA championships, and an Olympic gold medal, Chris Bosh is ready for the next stage of his career. He was recently honored by having his jersey retired by the Miami Heat in March. Now, Bosh is using the same determination and mindset he used in the NBA to try and dominate new fields.

He’s become an aspiring music producer and has also spent time doing TV work, including for Turner Sports in the past. “Media’s the natural, easy thing for me, and I’m hoping to do more,” Bosh told Men’s Journal. “I’m also really excited about producing music. I’ve been working with artists and doing music-related stuff for years and I want to keep building on that.”

We caught up with Bosh to talk about his NBA career, playing alongside LeBron James, what fatherhood means to him, and the next steps of his career.

Men’s Journal: What’s one of your favorite moments from your NBA career?

Chris Bosh: You go through so much as a player, and you have so many great teammates that it’s really hard to pinpoint one specific instance. But I’ll go with something funny: One of the funniest, most memorable times was doing that goofy Harlem Shake video. The Heat was the greatest team I’ve been a part of—and doing fun, silly things like that really brought us together and helped make us a real brotherhood. You prepare so much just to be a professional, so it was fun to do that together.