This Program Helps You Try New Studio Workouts Every Month While Saving Money


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What’s the number one reason so many workout routines fail? People get bored. That’s where ClassPass comes in. ClassPass connects you to thousands of workouts, expert instructors, and inspiring fitness studios around the world, guaranteeing your workouts stay exciting, and fun—no matter where you are.

Using the ClassPass app, you can find awesome classes in studios near you—or near wherever you’re going to be. Bored with your local gym? Try a new one. Want a tougher boxing instructor? Try a different one. Traveling next week but want to work out? Sign up for a class wherever life takes you. With ClassPass, you can access the world’s top studios and gyms, and take classes in everything from cycling to yoga to boxing and more. No matter where you are.


With a ClassPass fitness membership, you’re effectively buying classes at local studios in the form of credits. So you can sign up for tens of thousands of classes in 2,500 cities worldwide, all with the ClassPass app. Basically, you pay ClassPass, and ClassPass pays the studio—so you don’t have to.

ClassPass sells membership tiers to suit most any fitness regimen or level of interest. The amount of credits required to take a class varies depending on the class, time, space, and location; here in New York City, we found the average class costs about six credits.

Here are the ClassPass tiered plans:

  • $0 first two weeks—Includes 35 credits to take as many as 4 – 8 classes
  • $49 per month—Includes 27 credits to take as many as 2 – 5 classes
  • $79 per month—Includes 45 credits to take as many as 4 – 10 classes
  • $159 per month—Includes 100 credits to take as many as 10 – 20 classes

Note that pricing varies based on location. The above prices are for classes taken in New York.


Why Are Studio Classes Better Than A Regular Workout?

Studio fitness is the best way to work out. Studios specialize in specific workouts or activities, ranging from mainstream workouts like cycling and yoga to more unique options like boxing and rock climbing. That makes them a perfect place to learn something new, or to keep your skills sharp while you’re traveling. And ClassPass has over 250,000 members worldwide, so if you travel a lot for work, or are planning a long trip, a ClassPass workout is a great way to meet new people in new locales.

The instructors at studios are professionals, trained in the activities they teach. Oftentimes, they own the studios themselves, so they take a personal interest in your enjoyment of the class. Studio spaces are designed to inspire you, from their ambience to their group dynamic. Bright and airy or dark and serious, team-oriented or judgment-free, you can surround yourself with the vibe—and tribe—you’re looking for.

And small class sizes allow for personalized instruction, so if you’re recovering from an injury or training for a race, every workout can be adjusted for you. If you’ve never taken a small studio class, ClassPass has an online entry-level fitness class that can run you through the basics.


The ClassPass fitness app offers a selection of videos, too, so you can work out wherever you are, whenever you want. It’s also a great place to get recommendations based on your interests. Who knows? you may discover a new passion, or meet a new group of friends. With ClassPass, your fitness regimen is in your hands.

Get It: Try ClassPass for 14 days for free.

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