Surfer Kolohe Andino on Training for the 2020 Summer Olympics


Surfing is about to get an Olympic-sized close-up. The sport will make its debut in the Summer Olympics for the 2020 Games in Tokyo, Japan, and surfer Kolohe Andino is hoping to be a part of it. The World Surf League star is currently the top-ranked surfer on the WSL Championship Tour and is in first position to represent the United States as he tries to qualify for the Olympics.

On the WSL Championship Tour, the 10 highest-ranked men and eight highest-ranked women at the end of the season will be eligible to qualify for the Olympics, with two men and two women from each country being selected for the competition. With five events remaining on the WSL Championship Tour in 2019, Andino—and the surfers behind him—will be looking to stay in position so they can compete. Fans can follow along the rankings here to see who is leading among each country.

For Andino, a second-generation surfer after his father Dino Andino, the chance to represent the United States would be a dream come true.

“The opportunity is huge and it’s been kind of a motivation to finish high in the rankings.” Andino told Men’s Journal. “Surfing is the sickest sport in the world and it’s rad that it’s finally in the Olympics.”

WSL / Dunbar

As part of his preparation for the Olympics and for competing on the WSL Championship Tour, Andino spends almost as much time working to stay in shape as he does in the water. While surfing itself is one of his favorite ways to train, Andino has also brought in some other techniques and workouts to help keep his body where he needs it to be to ride big waves.

“Pistol squats are important for me because it’s a single-leg exercise,” Andino says. “It helps surfers feel more secure on the board at all times. I also do a lot of DNS movement flow (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization) on a daily basis. Those help with [stability and movement].”