The New G-SHOCK MUDMASTER Is Firefighter Tough


As a firefighter, you need gear that can withstand all types of situations. Whether you’re training, on a call, in the fire truck, or pushing through some tough materials while fighting a fire, you need to be able to trust that you have the most essential gear on that can withstand whatever is thrown at you at any given moment. That’s where the new G-SHOCK MUDMASTER GG-B100 timepiece comes in.

The G-SHOCK MUDMASTER GG-B100 comes in three different color styles, and has a wide range of features that a firefighter would need while on the job, but also work great for any adventurer looking to go on their next trip. The timepiece includes a stopwatch, a fully mud-resistant watch structure, dual-layered case back, as well as a thermometer, barometer, altimeter, digital compass, and step counter, covering all your tech and measuring needs.

G-Shock Mudmaster

Jose Cordero, a 13-year firefighter, put the watch through a tough workout like he puts firefighters through to train for their job, and all along, he has the G-SHOCK MUDMASTER on his wrist. “The great thing about the G-SHOCK, it’s tough,” says Cordero. “You bang it around the railing going up the flights of stairs—and it’s nothing for the watch. It’s fine.”

As a seasoned firefighter, Cordero knows what it takes to get through the day on the job, and he also knows what gear is best to get it done. So whether you’re a firefighter, mountain climber, adventurer, or someone who likes to get their hands dirty, this watch is a fit for you. To learn more about the G-SHOCK MUDMASTER GG-B100, check out the models at Watch the full video for Cordero’s demonstration with the watch.

Joe Leahy / G-Shock Mudmaster
Joe Leahy / G-Shock Mudmaster

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