Here’s a Look at the Northernmost Hotel in the World, a Pop-Up Camp in the North Pole


If you’re looking for a remote location for your next winter vacation, you’re in luck: A new luxury pop-up hotel in Norway will give you the chance to sleep in the North Pole without almost any light pollution blocking your view.

The North Pole Igloos Camp, which is operated by the Arctic-focused travel company Luxury Action, costs a pretty penny—a stay for three nights costs $105,055—but it will give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The pop-up location will only be available for April 2020, as that area of the North Pole is only accessible that month. While it’s active, it will be the “northernmost hotel in the world,” according to CNBC.

The cost of the stay includes a two-night stay in Svalbard, Norway, and one night in the North Pole in the igloo camp. The trip includes stays in both locations, as well as security, meals, and travel guides. The “movable” Glass Igloo Camp rooms are heated and offer guests the chance to look up directly at the stars and the Northern Lights during that time of year.

Here’s a closer look at the pop-up hotel:

Courtesy of Luxury Action

“The North Pole is one of the most exclusive travel destinations on Earth,” Luxury Action founder and CEO Janne Honkanen told CNBC. “All our guests (are concerned about) Arctic nature and the climate crisis. I believe they are also the best messengers to spread word of how climate change affects our lives in the Arctic and its effects on Arctic animals and nature.”

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