How John Krasinski Got Big for ‘Jack Ryan’ Season 2


The return of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan sees its titular character uncovering a far-reaching conspiracy while chasing down illegal arms in the jungles of Venezuela. The second season has it all: black hawks, black ops missions, and heart-pounding foot chases. The action is bigger than ever for Season 2, and lead actor John Krasinski went through a dynamic training program to make sure his body was up to the task.

Before flying to set in South America, Krasinski spent five days a week at his fitness sanctuary, Drive 495, with performance coach Don Saladino. “There is no one more dedicated or more knowledgeable than Don,” Krasinski tells Mens Journal. “His enthusiasm is contagious and his support is unwavering. He understands that along the way to looking camera-ready for a shoot, the most important part of the process is building up my strength and athleticism so that I not only look good, but feel good.”

Feeling good was important, as Krasinski regularly opts to do the stunts in Jack Ryan when possible, including jumping along rooftops in London. Their training built on Krasinski’s existing physicality for those moments, while packing on muscle so he fit into flak jackets like an action hero.

‘Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan’ Season 2 starring John Krasinski is now available to stream on Amazon. Courtesy Amazon

“John loves to go heavy when we workout,” says Saladino.

Their days started off with agility work, then alternated between strength and power lifting sessions, capped off with energy systems work on the VersaClimber or Airdyne bike. The pair pushed each other while still having fun, and for a two-week period leading up to filming, they got into a streak where Krasinski lifted personal records almost every session.

“I have never seen anything like it,” Saladino says, laughing. “It became a running joke where he would walk into the gym and say, ‘Feeling like a PR today.’ But I also made sure that we didn’t push it too hard if he was coming off a stressful day. It’s important to listen to the body.”

Jack Ryan looks a whole lot less cool with a tweaked hammy or a stiff back.

Krasinski, who also serves as an executive producer on the series, also appreciated avoiding injury during their heavy production schedule. “Jack Ryan looks a whole lot less cool with a tweaked hammy or a stiff back,” he says. Being healthy also means he can get back to work on the next season as soon as possible.