This Deejo Pocket Knife Is A Must-Have for Your Holiday Gift List


This reinvented object becomes a must-have on your gifting list

Deejo offers more than just a pocket-knife. This everyday object reinvents itself to become the must-have gift: unique, refined and customized to please.  

Unlike other pocketknives, Deejo is one that stands out and is a truly unique heirloom. Apart from your average every-day carry, Deejo is an extension of oneself with un ultra-chic French touch.


Beyond its lightweight and ultra-slick design, this new pocketknife is also useful and the ideal knife to have in your pocket. Named by their weight, Deejo knives are not therefore light in size or material but by design, the elegant French touch. 15 grams, 27 grams and 37 grams – each one adapted to a certain use without any compromise on the design.

But what makes this gift even more unique, is the fact that it is 100% customizable and 100% unique. After you’ve chosen the weight of your Deejo, you can choose the finishing of your blade – grey titanium, black titanium or a mirror finish- the choice is yours. After that, comes the handle. There are numerous amounts of wood choices to choose from such as coralwood, juniper or exotic ash but also carbon fiber. Choose among thousands of customization options to create a truly unique gift – from the blade to the handle, but also over 60 illustrations that are tattooed onto the blade. From Roses to Latino skull or Tribal, you’re sure to find the tattoo you’ll love.


Last but not least, Deejo takes the customization option one step further with the engravement. That’s right, you can add an engravement on the handle to make this pocketknife a one-and-only model made just for you. Whether you decide on your initials, name, favorite quote or coordinates, you have 35 characters to let your creativity run wild. With Deejo, you’re fully in charge!

Basically, Deejo was imagined simple and light, ultralight, without compromising size, so that you carry with you only the pure essential: the pleasure of a perfect cut. Whether it’s cutting a sandwich or opening up a box, you’ll want to have your Deejo with you at all times. Deejo is a pocket-knife endowed with a strong personality: customized to reflect all tastes, moods, and styles.

This ultrachic and one-of-a-kind gift is sure to please and fits all kinds of gifting opportunities – birthdays, Father’s Day, Graduation, Valentine’s Day or Christmas. So this Christmas, treat yourself or loved-one with a Deejo!


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