Daniel Craig’s New James Bond Watch From ‘No Time To Die’ Can Be Yours in 2020


When Daniel Craig hits the silver screen in his final appearance as James Bond in No Time To Die, he’ll have a handy new timepiece on his wrist. Craig’s Bond will be wearing the Omega Seamaster Diver 300M 007 Edition watch, which was designed in collaboration with Craig for the 25th official film in the franchise.

Bond has been wearing an Omega watch since Pierce Brosnan played the character in 1995’s GoldenEye. For this particular timepiece, Omega is releasing it as part of a non-limited collection in February, giving fans everywhere the chance to wear the same timepiece as Craig’s Bond in the new film.

Courtesy of Omega

The design of the new Seamaster was inspired by Bond’s military past as a former Royal Naval Reserve Commander, as he would have been given an Omega watch in real life if he was a British Royal Navy officer. The Bond films’ original partnership with Omega was in part inspired by that history as well.

“When our costume designer on GoldenEye, Lindy Hemming, whose father would have been one of the people who got the Navy Omega watch in the war, recommended it, I felt that particular history was a fit for the character,” said longtime Bond producer Michael G. Wilson, who has worked on the franchise since 1972, at a press conference for the release of the watch. “Omega first came to mind for me as a strong timepiece when Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon and all the astronauts had Omega timepieces. When Lindy brought it to me, I thought, ‘if it’s good enough for the astronauts, it has to be good enough for James Bond.’”

Craig himself collaborated with the design team, making it the first time ever that an actor playing Bond helped design a watch for the character.

When it was brought to me at the beginning of the filming process, I thought, ‘You’ve done it: This is the James Bond watch.’

“I wanted to help create a watch that suited my Bond character, who is a military man at heart,” Craig said at the press conference. “We started having a dialogue and Omega took in my input, and the watch is the culmination of that dialogue, and, in a way, a culmination of my character of Bond in this series of films. It’s a military watch, but it’s also elegant. You can wear it as a dress watch, but it feels like a military watch, which is what Bond would need. It’s titanium, and light as a feather. When it was brought to me at the beginning of the filming process, I thought, ‘You’ve done it: This is the James Bond watch.’”

The new Seamaster is featured multiple times in the No Time To Die trailer, including when Bond is speaking with Spectre villain Blofeld (Christoph Waltz) and later when he gets ready to shoot a gun around the two minute mark. Here’s a look at the trailer: