Exclusive ‘Running Wild’ Clip: Dave Bautista Learns Survival Skills From Bear Grylls


During his career, Dave Bautista has dominated the WWE, saved the universe in Guardians of the Galaxy, and helped take down Thanos in Avengers: Endgame. But even with all that experience, Bautista found himself in some unknown territory in the latest episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls.

“Dave Bautista is a giant of a man, and he was out of his comfort zone,” Grylls told Men’s Journal ahead of the new season. “He’d never done anything like this before. He said, ‘I’m big and muscular, but I’m really terrified.’ He was amazing. We were on seriously massive cliffs in the Grand Canyon and freezing water of the Colorado River. He’s one of the humblest, strongest people I’ve ever met and we had an amazing experience out there.”

Grylls took the actor out into the Arizona Mountains and the Colorado River for the new episode, and in the course of the expedition, the duo climbed a canyon using a log ladder, scaled down a cliff and built a raft with sticks. But there was also something the two did that Grylls had never done before in his travels: He started a fire using urine. (Yes, you read that right!)

In an exclusive clip from the new episode, Grylls and Bautista teamed up to make a fire using a bag of their own urine: “We’re both dehydrated Dave,” Grylls says in the clip. “So we’re going to dilute this, use some of our precious drinking water, make it clearer, and make fire.”

“I’m not good at scaling down mountains, I’m not good at rafting, and apparently I’m not very good at peeing,” Bautista says. “I’m a bit dehydrated today.”

“Then what we do is, we hold it above the sun, and get it angled well and find where the light is coming out of it,” Grylls explains, showing how they’re going to make the fire. “And then you hold it, and you let that light concentrate the sunlight into a beam. And you let that heat up and see if we can get fire from it. And this is one of the rare times you’re grateful for the heat of the desert sun. This is going to be my first pee fire,” Grylls adds.

Here’s a look at the clip: