Aaron Paul Is Finally Breaking Big


Paul is showing me around his nearly 100-year-old home in Los Angeles’ Los Feliz neighborhood. Leading me from the living room into the terraced backyard, he gestures at the waterfall running down the hill into a koi pond. “Honestly, I just love peaceful serenity,” he says, “as much as I can get.” I ask if that explains his slightly, well, cult-leader choice of an outfit: olive green linen shirt, baggy pants, and black slippers. “Nah,” he says, “it was either this or sweats, and I didn’t wanna answer the door in sweats.”

As we head back into the living room—fireplace lit, candle burning—he explains that his wife’s been out of town, so he has the place to himself and extra daddy-daughter time. We settle onto the couch, the kind that sinks halfway to the floor when you sit down on it, and as he speaks, he alternates between shifting forward when he’s excited, and leaning back to listen. Right now he’s in close: “I would choose the hardest night, the sleepless nights, the vomit all over the bed… I would choose that over anything in the world, you know? It’s very hard and exhausting, but it really is true: My life began when my daughter was born.”

Paul stars in ‘El Camino.’ Courtesy of Netflix

TECHNICALLY SPEAKING, PAUL’S LIFE began in Emmett, Idaho, on August 27, 1979, at 3:30 a.m.—a month earlier than expected. “Not to get too graphic,” he says, but while his father was out of town and his three older siblings—Rachelle, Danielle, and Stephen—slept, his mom “went to go use the restroom, and she sat on the toilet and she was like, ‘Oh, I’m having a baby.’ ” By the time the ambulance arrived, Aaron was already out. “It’s very symbolic of who I am,” he laughs. “I love being early.”

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