The Moviegoer's Guide to Tom Hardy's ’Venom 2’


Following the smashing box office success of Venom, Tom Hardy is coming back as the classic Spider-Man antihero in Venom 2. Venom has long been one of the most popular characters in Marvel comics, and now Hardy’s portrayal will be the cornerstone of Sony’s Spider-Man-related movie universe.

Director Ruben Fleischer helped bring Venom to the big screen in his own solo film, but he won’t be returning for the sequel. This time around, the world of Venom is expanding with new characters, new villains, and more Tom Hardy.

Here’s a look at everything you need to know about Venom 2.

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The Basics

  • The Cast: Tom Hardy is returning as journalist Eddie Brock/Venom, while Michelle Williams and Woody Harrelson are officially coming back as well.
  • The Potential Plot: The first movie opened up a number of possibilities for a sequel, including Venom battling against other symbiote aliens like the villain Carnage, to be played by Woody Harrelson. Carnage has been featured in numerous comic book storylines with Venom, the most well-known being Maximum Carnage, which featured a prison for supervillains. Carnage creates a team of villains including Shriek, Demogoblin, Carrion, and Doppelganger. Shriek is expected to appear in Venom 2, which could make an adaptation of this story likely for the sequel.
  • The Director: Andy Serkis, known best as the actor who played Gollum in The Lord of the Rings series and as Klaue in Black Panther, is behind the camera for the sequel.
  • The Release Date: Venom 2 is expected to be released on October 2, 2020. Sony has set a Spider-Man-related movie for that date, which would be nearly two years to the day that Venom was released
  • The Original Box Office: Until it was broken by Joker with Joaquin Phoenix, Venom set the October box office opening record, going on to make over $850 million worldwide. Venom 2 should build on that success by bringing back Hardy and adding more popular characters from Venom’s comic book world.

Venom poster
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Andy Serkis Is Directing the Sequel

After directing Venom, Ruben Fleischer was busy working on Zombieland: Double Tap, so someone else needed to take over for the sequel. Enter Andy Serkis. When Serkis got the job, he wrote on Instagram: “It’s actually happening. I can feel it, the Symbiote has found a host in me, and I’m ready for the ride…Can’t wait.” The longtime actor has directed movies like Breathe and Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle over the last few years, plus, he has extensive experience with motion-capture, something that plays a big part in the Venom films. Serkis used motion-capture to portray Gollum in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Snoke in the new Star Wars films, as well as Caesar in the recent Planet of the Apes films, making him well-suited to work with Hardy on Venom 2. On top of that, he’s previously worked with Woody Harrelson on the 2017 film War for the Planet of the Apes. Speaking of Harrelson…

Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson in True Detective

Woody Harrelson is Set For a Major Role

Harrelson appeared in a short end credits scene in the first Venom film as criminal Cletus Kasady, who’s the alter ego of the classic Venom comic book villain Carnage. The character is expected to be the main villain in the new film after appearing in the teaser, and Harrelson said he’s excited about portraying the role more in-depth in the sequel. Carnage has similar powers to Venom because of his symbiote suit, including strength, shapeshifting, camouflage, and defense capabilities.

Naomie Harris in the James Bond films
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Naomie Harris Might Play a Major Venom Villain

Following her work in the new Bond film No Time To Die with Daniel Craig, Harris is likely to play one of the main villains in the film, a symbiote known as Shriek, according to Variety. The character is a romantic interest for Harrelson’s Carnage in the comic books, and she is a mutant with a range of powers, including flight, sound manipulation, sonic field defenses, sonic energy blasts, as well as the ability to tap into people’s minds and make them act violently.

MCU Phase 4 - Spider-Man
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Spider-Man Won’t Appear—At Least Not Quite Yet

When news first broke that Marvel and Sony couldn’t come to an agreement about using Spider-Man in Marvel Cinematic Universe films, people expected Tom Holland’s Peter Parker to be a major part of future Venom films. But the two sides came to a new agreement to keep using Spidey in the MCU, and based on quotes from Marvel Studios honcho Kevin Feige, it also appears that Spider-Man will eventually appear in Sony’s superhero movies as well—just not quite yet. Spidey has an arc to finish in the MCU and if he does appear in any Venom film, it likely won’t be until at least a potential third one in the series.

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