Meet Brett Smrz, the Man Behind the Incredible Car Chase in Ryan Reynolds' '6 Underground'


There are plenty of death-defying stunts in the new Ryan Reynolds Netflix movie 6 Underground. From intense explosions, a magnet-filled assault on a yacht, gun fights with bad guys on skyscrapers, and foot chases across rooftops using parkour, the film went above and beyond when it comes to action-packed moments.

But the most jaw-dropping stunt might be the car chase that took place on the streets of Florence, Italy—including a jaunt through the centuries-old Pitti Palace. As Reynolds put it in a recent interview, that chase might be “the craziest car chase that has ever been committed to film.” And the man behind the wheel for that sequence? His name is Brett Smrz, and he’s worked on some of the biggest action films of the last decade.

“It was surreal to be able to collaborate with the Pitti Palace to make that scene possible,” Smrz told Men’s Journal. “It was a very tight space with not much room for error. In some spots there were only inches to spare, and if we damaged anything inside the museum we would have been in really big trouble. I personally didn’t get to see the Pitti Palace until the day we shot there. For me, driving at the Pitti Palace was one of the highlights of 6 Underground.

Here’s a look at the scene in the 6 Underground trailer: