Taste Test: Los Sundays Blanco Tequila


There’s a theory that people prefer Fridays to Sundays. It’s counterintuitive, but the lighter Friday thought of the weekend ahead (even though a workday) creates more satisfaction than an actual day off, which carries the heavier weight of an impending Monday. Nonsense. We humbly disagree and wholeheartedly celebrate Sundays as a day to be alive. If you struggle to embrace the first day of the week, perhaps a certain product—one created by folks who understand a fine way to spend Sundays—could help.

Los Sundays tequila puts its weekend-oriented, lifestyle brand ethos right in the name, messaging days void of boredom and relenting against the norm. The biggest question is if the taste could match. After getting our hands on a bottle from the Costa Mesa, Calif.-based company, the first impression is clear: This is some of the tastiest blanco we’ve ever sipped.

On a recent weekend evening, we sipped some more. Served both chilled and at room temperature (you can’t go wrong with either, it all depends on preference), Los Sundays Blanco was strikingly smooth, without that warm burn you typically get from lower-end blancos. That is, it went down almost too smooth. The flavor still had the same bite that you’d expect from a high-quality blanco (some prefer). Halfway through the bottle, we all collectively agreed that Los Sundays was certainly a notch above our typical go-to tequila (we’re calling you out, Patron. Sorry).